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Your organization can unlock new opportunities for success using science-based, results-focused, and proven practices that authentically build diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Who We Are

We believe that a well developed and delivered diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy is an imperative for organizations today based on business and social justice logics. Our team is PhD and MBA trained and expert in the dimensions and applications of DEI to management and People & Culture priorities. We design and tailor our own approaches to meet your organization’s needs. We work with corporations, high growth startups, and non-profits across industries including financial services, biotech, SaaS, nonprofit human service organizations, higher education, orchestras, and more.

Teresa Nelson

Founder, Director of Consulting (bio)

Teresa Nelson, Ph.D.

Jasmine Montañez

Senior Consultant (bio)

Jasmine Montanez, MBA

Our Approach

Our collaborative, inclusive & proprietary process delivers winning solutions.

Our AWARENESS-COMMITMENT-LEARNING-ACTION (ACLA) Framework can guide design of a project that will bring everyone along, raising their emotional intelligence (EQ) and capacity to work together more creatively, more fairly, more productively.

Infographic: Awareness, Commitment, Learning, Action

We can design a customized project with you to achieve your goals. Examples include:

  • Addressing a non-diverse talent pipeline
  • Designing a company approach to DEI
  • Boosting manager insight on inclusion and their team
  • Providing your senior leadership team with the right ideas and language
  • Developing employee coaching
  • Designing and delivering an equity compensation survey
  • Educating a board of directors that needs to understand emerging talent and audience markets
Infographic: 50 Learning Session Modules

We have 50 learning /training modules that can be combined and presented in a variety of settings and formats.

Our common training opportunities involve DEI and: 

  • building an anti-racist, anti-sexist organization 
  • understanding and applying the dimensions of social identity 
  • unconscious bias in interpersonal communication 
  • performance evaluation 
  • hiring committee processes
  • learning the DEI knowledge basics together

Our Work

We can meet you where you are – whether you’re just starting out or ready for a deep dive.

The Impact Seat’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Approach allows us to build a well-grounded road map for “quick wins” and achievement of longer-term goals.


Companies vary in their readiness and experience in implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Often managers just don’t have the time, or the know-how, to design and implement a truly effective DEI agenda.

Our PhD, MBA, and PMP skills, plus years of experience working with a wide range of organizations and industries, allow us to tailor our DEI library of frameworks, tools, and learning/training modules to your organization’s needs, right now.

We can help you:

  • Use data to evaluate your company’s success in attracting, hiring, retaining, and promoting talented people.
  • Develop a diversity and inclusion strategy, broad brush or start-in-place.
  • Learn the roots of bias in practice.
  • Inspire teams to learn new practices.
  • Building internal champions and DEI leaders.
  • Build your road map of decisions and actions with fresh, thoughtful, and science-based ideas.
  • Assess challenges and roadblocks.
  • Employ diagnostics to understand the diversity profile of your team and organization.
  • Measure impact.

We will work with you to build your DEI capabilities in this critical time of change through:

  • The Impact Seat was the perfect choice to support our high-growth organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.

    Strategy Development

  • We were a very siloed organization...The Impact Seat created a structure for internal communication and guided us in coming to grips with what diversity, equity, and inclusion means for our organization.

    DEI Audit & Recommendations

  • I am impressed with the work The Impact Seat puts into the 1:1 sessions with executive leadership, the follow-up, the excellent resources… .thank you!


  • There was a right balance of information/instruction and opportunity for the participants to digest and discuss. They challenged the group a little further into the discomfort of digging beyond an academic exercise.

    Learning Sessions

Select Clients


We proudly provide thought leadership to support better, stronger DEI across sectors.

Best practices for diversity & inclusion: how does your company stack up?

Our research identified over 150 current diversity and inclusion (D&I) best practices of leading U.S. firms. The data show that across all companies there are common practices and innovative practices, and that companies vary in the degree to which D&I practices are embedded in the company DNA.


What motivates change

We’ve designed this set of discussion starters for you to start exploring — with your team, your manager, or your diversity and inclusion leader — the good reasons why a company comes to their interest and commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Diagnosis is a first step to making change. With these 6 leading motivators in sight, what are your thoughts about why a diversity and inclusion effort is right for your company?