Let’s build a world
where all thrive.

Your organization can unlock new opportunities for success using science-based, results-focused, and proven practices that authentically build diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our Team

We are a women-owned and LGBTQ managed firm that works to live its values for diversity and inclusion every day. As a team, we vary by race/ ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender, educational attainment, personality, and more. Through this diversity, we unite to bring best practice, high value concepts to life so that your organization can realize its DEI commitment in the rhythm of the business. We engage across industries and also have staff specialized in science and biotech, arts and culture, professional services, and high-growth startups. 

Joanne Kamens

Senior Consultant

Joanne Kamens, PhD

Najean Lee


Najean Lee

Jasmine Montañez

Senior Consultant

Jasmine Montañez, MBA, SHRM-CP

Teresa Nelson

Founder, Director of Consulting

Teresa Nelson, PhD

Areen Shahbari


Areen Shahbari, MBA

Lealah Fulton

Research Consultant

Lealah Fulton

Aliya Yabekova

Project Manager

Aliya Yabekova, PMP, PSM I

Working Together

Our collaborative, inclusive & proprietary process delivers winning solutions.

Our AWARENESS-COMMITMENT-LEARNING-ACTION (ACLA) Framework can guide design of a project that will bring everyone along, raising their emotional intelligence (EQ) and capacity to work together more creatively, more fairly, more productively.

Working Together

We take a collaborative, inclusive approach, working with your team to determine your best approach for diversity, equality and inclusion next steps. Our PHD, MBA, SHRM-CP and PMP skills, plus years of experience working with a wide range of organizations and industries, allows us to tailor our DEI library of frameworks, action tools and learning approaches to your needs right now.



  • DEI Assessment – Interview / Surveys
  • Building a DEI strategy
  • DEI for high-growth startups
  • Racial Equality Audit


  • Hiring and onboarding for Diversity and Inclusion
  • The Employee Handbook through a DEI lens
  • Public organizational allyship
  • Employee-centric DEI tactics
  • Building the DEI champion team
  • Mentoring for Inclusion and Equality
  • Top team coaching
  • Bringing your board to DEI partnership


  • DEI data concerns
  • New inclusive approaches to performance assessment
  • Inclusive management practices
  • Pay / compensation / benefits equity audit
  • Culture surveys / Pulse surveys
  • Assembling a DEI lexicon
  • Over 50 learning session modules
  • Allyship and active bystander training

Learning And Dialogue

We can meet you where you are – whether you’re just starting out or ready for a deep dive.

The Impact Seat’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Approach allows us to build a well-grounded road map for “quick wins” and achievement of longer-term goals.

Learning, Dialogue, Libraries, and Data

Diversity, equity and inclusion work is challenging. To be truly impactful, it asks everyone in the organization to adopt a new lens and new behaviors. Culture shift takes time and steady attention. We offer specially designed projects to bring everyone along, raising their emotional intelligence (EQ) so that efforts for inclusion and equity are authentic and received openly.

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How Can We Help?

We will partner with you to engage employees, leadership team, managers, board members and others on the DEI journey. You’ll realize an organization with a greater capacity to work together more creatively, more fairly, more productively; and organization employees are proud to be a part of.

Let's talk about what's next for you on the DEI journey:

  • Address a non-diverse talent pipeline
  • Tackle a lack of direction in how to move from talk to action
  • Boost manager capability to lead inclusively
  • Make the case for a diverse workforce
  • Improve your people and culture (HR) policies and processes
  • Provide your senior leadership team with the right ideas and language
  • Provide coaching to those who need a boost to get onboard
  • Access for equity in hiring, promotions, job assignments, and pay
  • …and more!

What Our Clients Say

  • The Impact Seat's recent learning session presentation at the League was terrific! It totally hit the sweet spot between concrete learning and opening space for discussion and relationship building. I loved the story telling and personal relationship to the work.

    Simon Woods, CEO

    League of American Orchestras

  • Our Leadership Forum CEOs were unanimous in their appreciation of the insightful and intimate dialogue sessions that The Impact Seat team provided for us on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion over the last year.

    Andi Genser

    Lower Cape Leadership Forum

  • It’s a demanding job bringing us best practices across the entire People & Culture function, while still keeping an eye on our culture in place – and a critical one that, I believe, will allow us to attract, hire, and retain the very strongest talent in our field moving forward.

    Matt Patsky, CFA

    Trillium Asset Management

  • Over the last 3 years, The Impact Seat has been our trusted partner in fundamentally integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into our strategic planning and implementation function. If you need consulting help, call them!

    Lilee Dethchan, Vice President of Finance and Administration

    Handel and Haydn Society

Resources For You

Best practices for diversity & inclusion: how does your company stack up?

Our research identified over 150 current diversity and inclusion (D&I) best practices of leading U.S. firms. The data show that across all companies there are common practices and innovative practices, and that companies vary in the degree to which D&I practices are embedded in the company DNA.


What motivates change

We’ve designed this set of discussion starters for you to start exploring — with your team, your manager, or your diversity and inclusion leader — the good reasons why a company comes to their interest and commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Diagnosis is a first step to making change. With these 6 leading motivators in sight, what are your thoughts about why a diversity and inclusion effort is right for your company?